The unique sound of Solid State Logic’s 4000 Series analogue mixing consoles is sought after  worldwide. Engineers of pop and rock music, broadcast transmissions and television post-production value the SSL 4000’s flexible dynamics chain as much as the trademark SSL  “punchy” sound.

The SL4000 console was the first mixing desk to incorporate dynamics processing into every channel, as well as a master bus compressor in the console’s center section. The ability to 'patch' into the SL4000's master bus compressor and to control its sidechain from an internal sub-mix allowed sound engineers to discover unique, history-making applications of this console  technology. Whether used to record instruments such as piano and drums or for final mixing, these innovative console sections - master bus compressor, EQ and dynamics - opened up a new world of opportunities.

For years, workstation users have sought this unusual flexibility and signature sound. But conventional dynamics and EQ plug-ins couldn’t produce the unique SSL color.